Workouts To Relieve Stress

Workouts To Relieve Stress

Have you been looking for some ways to relieve stress?

Too many people are dealing with stress. Like a spam call, it just won’t leave you alone unless you do something about it (thank god for call block apps!). The worst thing about stress is it causes weight gain due to your body releasing cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that increases your appetite and fat storage predominantly in the abdominal area (i.e. which could be one reason you have stomach fat).

So how can we combat this cortisol issue? Exercise! Numerous studies have touted the soothing benefits of exercise. Here are five workout and nutritional tips that help relieve stress.


Walk More

Did you know that walking more could make you a happier person? Walking is one of the best ways to relax and relieve stress. In addition, walking helps other important health factors such as elevating mood and weight loss. Regardless of your age, walking is a fundamental activity you should always partake in. Walking is a very flexible in that it can be done under any setting. So if you walk on the beach or around your block, walking can be done anywhere.

While most folks focus on the physical benefits of walking, it is the mental benefits that make it such an essential exercise. Studies have shown that regular bouts of walking lower symptoms of depression. Walking does so by releasing endorphins into your system, which reduce stress and anxiety as well. So if you desire to become a stress-free individual, then get your walk on!

Practice Yoga

There isn’t a better way to be physically active and conquer stress simultaneously than practicing yoga. In addition to relieving stress, yoga will improve your flexibility, ability to lose weight and muscle tone. Since yoga can be performed practically anywhere, take your yoga mat with you just in case stress decides to rear its ugly head.

Practice Meditation

“Ommmm!” Mediation is a great mindful exercise to relieve stress. This is the time when you get to reflect on the day or week that you had or about to embark on. Also, mediation helps you gain mental clarity. You only need a few minutes of quiet, alone time to successfully mediate. Just relax in a quiet place, close your eyes, take a deep breath and mediate.

Drink Whey Protein Powder Shake

Whey protein powder is not only great for helping build muscle after a strenuous workout, but it can soothe you too. Research suggests that individuals who consumed whey protein expressed fewer symptoms of depression and a better mood than those who didn’t consume it. While whey protein is not a bubble bath or hot oil massage, it will ease your stress too.

Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Just because ecause it says “diet” doesn’t mean it soothes you. In fact, stress could be the reason you crave a sip of diet soda. If you get irritable, shaky, or lightheaded and feel overwhelmed by everyday stressors, it could be that your adrenal glands need support. Start doing destressing activities such as walking in the morning or yoga.

Those five workout and nutritional tips will ensure stress is nothing but a word.