Bodybuilding Tips For Women

If you've recently thought about getting more fit, chances are you may not have examined the world of bodybuilding. Well, you should! Bodybuilding for women is making a comeback – and it's a great sport for women to get into right now. After all, strong is the new sexy and women are stronger than ever. If you're a total beginner, it's the perfect time to start getting into bodybuilding. Here, we'll give you some tips on how to jump in!

1. Lift heavy.

Many women have been taught from an early age that lifting heavy weights will make us "look like a man." Nothing could be further from the truth! The physiology of women's bodies makes it nearly impossible for us to develop in the same way a man does (without significant artificial help). Not only that, we also have female hormones! Our bodies are different, and lifting heavy weights won't create a look that we're not into. If you're thinking about bodybuilding, don't try to lift heavy right away, but work up to heavier weights that will help you build muscles, shed fat, and create that strong, sexy look.

2. Eat to fuel.

So many of us are guilty of exercising just so we can eat more! While you're working really hard and sweating it out every day, it's natural to want to "reward" yourself. Don't fall into this trap! In fact, to become a bodybuilder, you'll need to change the way you think about food entirely. Bodybuilders see food as a source of fuel to continue their training and build up those strong muscles. If you aren't sure where to begin, you can always enlist the help of a nutritionist to get you going in the right direction.

3. Focus on compound movements – at first.

Although there is a big emphasis on isolation exercises in bodybuilding, as a beginner, you may want to start off in a slightly different direction. Isolation movements are fantastic, and they can help create strong muscles by focusing exclusively on each individual muscle. As a beginner, however, you may want to try doing some compound movements that focus on more than one body part for the best bang for your buck. Some examples of good compound movements are things like squats and deadlifts.

4. Get enough rest.

There's a saying that progress happens on rest days – not in the gym. Rest days are extremely important in the sport of bodybuilding, and many beginners don't realize this. Your days spent in the gym are breaking down muscle. Rest days are needed to build those muscles back up stronger than before. So when you're new and learning all about bodybuilding, make sure you get enough rest!

Although it may seem intimidating, bodybuilding is a fantastic choice for a newbie to fitness. It's important to remember that you can do it! All it takes is a little hard work, a little discipline, and maybe a little help along the way.